Is This Product Safe For My Cat?

From time to time we have had questions from customers to confirm the safety and use of one of our products on their particular type of pet.

Most recently we’ve had a few questions about cat owners regarding the Ear Wash. So we thought it might be helpful if we posted some of your questions here with our best compiled answers.

Question #1: Although it says on Amazon that this is safe for dogs, cats, horses and small animals, the actual bottle label only mentions dogs and puppies. Is this safe to use on my cat?

Our Response: Thank you for your sharp eyes and catching that on the label! This wording Pxby-cat-cute-pkgoutpawsoveris something we did not catch, unfortunately, when the label went through our creative department. We are in the process of amending the label to include all of the above pets on our labels for future shipments to Amazon.

In fact, all of our pet grooming products (ear wash, pet shampoo and tear stain remover) are safe for dogs, cats, small animals (like rabbits, pigs, guinea pigs), and horses. Just follow the directions on the label.

Question #2: I purchased Dancing Pet Ear Wash on Amazon. I wanted to make sure I knew all the ingredients before use. In the past I have purchased items labeled natural only to find ingredients not safe for cats. Thus I’ve had to trash them.

Our Response: Thank you for your question about our ear wash product’s safety for your cat. A very good question to ask, especially in light of all the “natural” labeling that may actually only contain 5% of a natural ingredient.

Yes, our product is safe for cats as well as dogs, horses and small animals. And yes, the ingredients are definitely from natural sources. We use palm and coconut oil derived ingredients made especially to be soothing and healing and safe for all our pets. We use rapeseed as a thickener and have the tiniest bit of a natural preservative to keep the solution safe and prevent bacteria build up. And there are botanical extracts like citrus and aloe that round out the properties needed to be most effective. You can see the complete list of the technical terms I’ve pasted further below.

We do not use tea tree oil, which can be harmful to cats. Nor do we include other potentially irritating or drying ingredients which can harm the pH balance of the ear canal and over time thin out the lipid barrier of the skin.

As for the ingredients list, we have posted these on the Amazon site under answered questions, which I will quote for your convenience:

This is an all-natural soothing formula that contains coconut oil, palm oil, citrus extracts, aloe, and other vegetable-based ingredients to get the job done safely and effectively. Some of the technical terms for the ingredients are: Vegetable Glycerin, Citric Acid, Sassolite, Hyaluronic Acid, and Cocamidopropyl Betaine.

What this does NOT contain: No Phosphate, Sulfates, Parabens or Alcohol, No MEA or DEA, no hydrocortisone. Only animal friendly testing was used in developing this product. After all, we LOVE our animals! We chose NOT to use some natural ingredients others use that can cause a problem, such as gentian violet (which can stain fur, clothes, and furniture), tea tree oil (which can stain and burn sensitive skin), and nothing that is not natural and needed in our 100% guaranteed naturally-derived plant-based pH balanced formula.


It may also reassure you that we are continually ranked in or around the top 10 products on Amazon in the category of “Cats – Itch Remedies” and have many testimonies from cat owners on the product page as well. Feel free to scroll through the reviews on the product page for comments from other cat owners who are using this ear cleaner.

You can read a post about the “Natural” dilemma, even though it primarily refers to our pet shampoo, but we use this high standard for every product we release. Read the post “All Things Natural” here.

Question #3: My concern is that my cat might get sick when she cleans her face if she ingested a little of the Ear Wash. Plus the label on bottle reconfirms “not for consumption.”

Our Response: The notice on the bottle about consumption is a labeling requirement, which tells users how the product should or should not be used. It states in essence that this product is not to be given to pets or people to drink. It is not for ingesting but is for topical use only.

We realize that all pets groom themselves and will be ingesting minute quantities in the process and this should not harm them in any way with normal grooming. In fact, the ingredients in this are much safer than the residue left by most shampoos including some baby shampoos.**3 cats with ears up - alert!

With the ear wash use, most of the cleaner will be shaken out of the ear with the debris, as well as wiped away with a pad from the ear flaps and ear canal. The cat will not be able to use its tongue to reach those areas and any licking from the paws in its normal cleaning routine should only contain minimal amounts.

**[In fact, if you want to try a safe natural shampoo for your cat that doesn’t leave any toxic residues and actually pH balances the skin so it so doesn’t dry out, try Dancing Pet Best Groomers Pet Shampoo that includes conditioner, moisturizer, detangler and more – all in one easy to rinse step.]

There are more detailed articles on our blog which can be helpful to keeping your cat’s ears healthy. Here is a post that may be helpful to you: Top Tips for Cleaning Your Cat’s Ears

Or go here for a list of related other articles:

If you have any further concerns about use for your cat, you can see what other cat owners have to say about it HERE.



We know each pet is different and there may be issues your pet has that are not addressed initially by the ear wash. But once the main problem has been cleared up (vet help may be needed or even some medication or antibiotics), future problems can be prevented by keeping the ear areas clean and making sure to maintain the natural pH balance going forward. Our natural ear cleaner is designed to do just that.

Please note that we are not veterinarians, but work closely with our scientists to formulate the best products for our pets. So the information provided about our product and how it is designed to work are not intended to override your relationship with your vet if you have a special situation or further concerns. Nowadays there are many more veterinarians and animal science practitioners who find natural products are best for most problems in the long run.

*Please see our Full Disclaimer page here. 


I hope this helps you in doing the best to keep your fur kids healthy and happy! Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. you can contact us HERE or through your Amazon account.

Thank you for your business and for trusting us to help your best furry friends!

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