Easy Professional Ear Cleaning

If the extent of keeping your dog’s or cat’s ears clean involve something like this picture, then maybe it’s time to consider a new health regime for them!

Professional Ear Cleaning?!

In all seriousness, taking time at least once a week to groom your pet and check their ears for dirt, debris, wax build-up or even mites, infections or other problems is a must do.

What can happen if you don’t check their ears regularly?

Sometimes if there’s a problem that starts small, it can grow into a bigger problem, such as perhaps turning into a bacterial, yeast, or fungal infection.

Regular accumulation of wax and debris in the ear if not cleaned can build up and affect hearing, comfort, and even contribute to a home for mites. A mite infection if untreated can lead to serious skin irritation from scratching, not to mention the extra stress it puts on your dog or cat.And mites are easily transferred from one ear to the other, and to other pets in the house.

If any of these are ignored, over time they could even contribute to loss of hearing or other serious problems leading to a need for surgery. Along with that, of course, comes expensive vet bills. Never mind the pain and suffering the discomfort of such issues can cause your beloved furry friend.

So doesn’t it make sense to add a once a week ear check of all your pets? That’s one of the reasons we developed an all-natural formula for an Ear Wash you can safely use on a regular basis. The Dancing Pet Ear Wash helps keep the lipid barrier of the sensitive ear canal and ear flap area from breaking down or getting too thin. Often the use of harsh chemicals, especially cortisone and hydrocortisone can lead to a thinning of the skin, making it more susceptible to abrasions and infections from scratching.

We LOVE our pets – and we love yours too! That’s why we only want to give you the best tips, information and great natural products to enhance your pet’s daily health and comfort. Along with your regular combing, brushing, dematting, shampooing (as needed), and checking for fleas and ticks, make sure you check the ear flap and ear canal area and keep your pet smelling great all year long!

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