Cat Got A Mites Problem?

  • Does your cat suffer from constantly scratching its ears?
  • Do you see dirty black debris in the ears when you look inside?
  • Are any of your other pets also scratching their ears often?
  • Are their ears red or infected from the constant scratching?

If any of these symptoms are present, there is a high likelihood they may be infected with ear mites.

While they can be transferred to other animals, it is rare that a human will get them.

Mites are tiny bugs (parasites) that are whitish in color & look like little white specks if you put them on a dark background. They feed off the moisture and wax in your pet’s ears and have a happy time while your pet constantly feels miserable. Mites love dark damp places. So it’s important to keep your cat’s ears clean and pH balanced to discourage any mites from camping out.

Once you’ve established that it’s probably an ear mite problem your cat (or dog or other pet) has, just use our natural fast, gentle yet effective solution to clean and deodorize the ears as well as getting rid of the mites.

You will see how just one treatment will calm your cat from scratching their ears! It is best to use the ear wash at least three days in a row or until all signs of the mites and your cat’s scratching is gone. And make sure to treat all your other animals that could have mites as well.

After that, maintain good ear health and prevent the recurrence of mites by using the ear cleaner once a week. Your cat (and all your other pets!) will thank you!

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