Cat Ear Cleaning: Some Excellent Guest Expert Tips

Recently I ran across a great article from a Maine Coon cat breeder and exhibitor Susan Blevins, who gave some wonderful tips on cleaning cats’ ears.

I reached out to her and she has allowed me to share these with you. In fact, I am just going to give you the link to her page. It’s a quick read and I’m sure it will be valuable to you.

Here are some of the highlights you’ll find:

There is a cutaway model picture of a cat’s ear so you can relieve your worries about damaging the ear drum when you’re cleaning their ears, once you see how the ear canal is shaped. In fact, I’ve pasted it into this page as a preview of her web page.

The main tips you will learn are about the important reasons to keep your cat’s ears clean and free from wax buildup and other dirt and debris.

There are some good explanations about ear infections also and when you need to take your cat to a vet for further care.

Finally, I loved the tip on what to do to save yourself from getting scratched up when cleaning your cat’s ears. I believe it is another way to calm your cat as well. It’s worked great for me in the past.

Let me know what you think about the additional tips from our guest’s page in the comments below.

And remember to order more Ear Wash if you’re getting low, now that you know the importance of a weekly cleaning!

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