Our pets are important to us.

We want to do what’s best for them. And we are sure you feel the same way.

Hunter Gets Curious!

That’s why we’ve gone natural in our search to bring you the best, safest, and most effective solutions that even your dog or cat will love!

Over the years we’ve tended to our personal health through healthy, natural alternatives.  We’ve also realized there was a big gap in healthy, safe and effective products for our Best Furry Friends.

So our search has brought us to some of the finest scientists who have come up with the best formulations to meet our high demands and expectations. Before we put our brand on the label, we want to make sure it is good enough to use on our own dogs and cats – and even our friends’ horses and ponies.

It is because of this search and our good fortune in finding the right combinations of science and nature that we are proud to be rolling out our Dancing Pet Natural Pet Products line, one amazing product at a time.

Nugget looks out front door

Wistful Longing – A Painting of Nugget by Lois Gallo

The pictures scattered on this page are some of the furry family members we’ve loved and cherished over the years. So you’ll know we really do mean it when we tell you how much we love our pets – and yours too!

That’s why our mission is to continue to roll out only the best, safest, most natural and effective products to enhance the life of your pet – and make it less stressful for you in dealing with their health issues. Hopefully, you’ll have discovered our natural products in time to be proactive with maintaining good health in your dog, cat or horse. Or once an issue has been solved, then you’ll be able to keep the healthy momentum going!

Miss Kitty Checks Online…

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Relationships with our Customers are of Primary Importance to us

We value your trust in us and our products. Our customer service goal is to WOW you with our care, our quick actions to solve any issues that might arise, and to make things right if they go wrong – whatever it takes.

That’s why we:

  1. Partner with Amazon’s great shipping and service platform to deliver goods to you at the best possible shipping prices (even free with their Prime option) and fast delivery times.
  2. Offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all our products immediately refunded to you.
  3. Give you a Toll Free Number to contact us with any questions or concerns so we can quickly get you helped and worry free. That number is 855-666-1444 and is also on the product label. You can also Contact Us through our online contact form. Click here or go to the Contact tab at the top of the page.
  4. Our Little Nugget 😉

    Bend over backwards to add more value to you through our social connections, blog, and newsletter, so you can stay informed on the latest news or tips that can help you with your pet care.

  5. Encourage you to connect with our community for even greater reach and information (+ lots of fun too!).

If you’ve already ordered one of our products, you will have received at least one email from our Customer Experience Manager. She does a great job in representing us in our mission to help you out and make your life better by having dealt with our company.


Backyard Squirrel Buddy Chowing Down!

And yes, we do go a little nuts (pun intended) sometimes with our crazy sense of humor. We find LIFE goes better when you can laugh at yourself and the funny things life can bring your way!

So make up your mind to SMILE and Enjoy Your Day Today!

There’s probably something to laugh at on its way to you now, so get ready! 😉

Lois Gallo,

Pet Lover & Family Business Partner of Dancing Pet Naturals

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